Press Brakes

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  • 1987 Amada RG100 Press Brake
    RG100, 110 Ton, 3 Axis NC9EX New:1987

  • 1998 Amada HFB 8025 Press Brake
    Amada HFB 8025, 88 Ton, Amada Operatuer 4-Axis CNC Control, New:1998

    Operateur 4-Axis Cnc Control
    2-Axis Back Gauge
    Down-Acting Style Ram
    Wilson Express Quick Release Amada/European Upper Clamps
    Automatic Defelection Compensation (Bed Crowning)
    Merlin Light Curtains
    Electric Foot Switch Controls
    Phone Order Only! Please Call: 631-345-9500
  • SOLD: 2003 Trumpf Trumabend C110  CNC Press Brake
    Trumpf Trumabend C110, 121 ton, 122" Overall Length, 6-Axis, Year: 2003

    Delem Da619 6-Axis Graphic Cnc Control
    (4) Cylinder Ram Drive
    (4) Axis Back Gauge, X,R, Z1 And Z2
    Deflection Compensation (Bed Crowning)
    Pedestal Mounted Foot And Palm Controls
    Merlin Light Curtains
    Amada/European Style Tool Holders

  • 1984 Accurpress 710012 (Hydraulic Press Brake)
    1984 Accurpress 710012 (Hydraulic Press Brake), 100 ton, 144" Overall Length, Year: 1984

    12' Lower Die Holder
    Dual Voltage: 230/460 Volt
    Flush Floor Mounted
    Upper and Lower Die Holders

  • Amada Press Brake

    1999 HFE 2204 Press Brake, 242 Ton, 8 axis, Amada Operateur Control, New: 1999

  • 2001 Amada RGLD 5020

    Amada RGLD 5020, 2 Axis, Amada LD Control, New: 2001

  • 1996 Amada FBD-5020 Press Brake

    Amada FBD-5020, 55 ton, 3 axis, NC9EXII Control, New: 1996

  • 1999 Cincinnati CBII 60
    Cincinnati 2-axis Cnc Control, Single Axis Back Gauge, Ram Depth Control, 6' Lower Die Holder, Electric Foot Switch, Operators Station With Palm Buttons Light Curtains
    Phone Order Only! Please Call: 631-345-9500
  • Press brakes
    This is the new RG which has a more powerful control for faster set up with more bending information and program storage as well as faster bending speed up to 1.3 times faster than the older RG!!!!
    Phone Order Only! Please Call: 631-345-9500
  • 1992 Amada HFB125-4

    Amada HFB125-4 , 130 Ton, 8 axis, Amada Operator Control, New: 1992

  • 1999 Amada FBDIII-1253NT Press Brake

    1999 Amada FBDIII-1253NT Press Brake, 137 ton, 8 axis, AMNC-PC Amada Control, New: 1999

    High production 8 Axis FBDIII features Automatic CNC crowning, movable back gauge fingers and Y1 Y2 ram control for perfect stage bending when using multiple tool set ups and walking the part down the ram with one handling of the part!!! Fully Networkable CNC PC control has large storage for program memory. ISB Merlin programmable light curtains option included.

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