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Alternative Machinery is an authorized distributor of Schroder Fasti folding machines


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Fasti 225



The FASTI 225 Series Hydraulic Folders
If you are an OEM or job shop with requirements demanding thin plate applications, meet the brother of the massive FASTI 216, the FASTI 225 thin plate folding system. Offering eight models with the same array of outstanding features, the FASTI 225 thin plate hydraulic folding system is the undisputed middleweight in the metal folding industry.

Take a moment to analyze the advantages folding offers:
  • Faster setup: More time making more parts, lower costs, and higher profits.
  • More precise dimensional part accuracy: Folders gauge the part, not the flange.
  • Outstanding angular part accuracy: First part, good part. Period.
  • Superior ergonomics: Backgauge holds part, the operator does not. Less fatigue, more parts.
  • No whip up: What do you get when you put a 6" bend on a 6' blank? You get 5'-6" of metal swinging through the air. Not on a folder.
  • Mar-free bending: The material does not slide against the tool during the forming process. Perfect for finished or pre-painted materials.
  • Folding is a gentle process: no tool wear.
  • Single man operation: The machine supports the part so only one operator is needed.
  • Far less operator skill: Folding is incredibly simple when compared to press brake complexities. Easier, better parts, more productivity.
  • Secondary operations smoothed out: Better part accuracies, better fit up, less welding, less grinding, easier assembly, etc.
  • Safety: The operator does not hold the part during the forming process. Whip up is gone, and part is fully supported for enhanced ergonomics.
  • First part, good part: Once programmed, part repeatability is guaranteed.
  • 'Skip the Flip' and eliminate ever having to flip a sheet: Our Intellibend and Latitude are all available as bi-directional.
Alternative Machinery is an authorized distributor of Schroder Fasti folding machines

How much would it be worth to you to have two separate sets of universal tooling available to you, with instantaneous rollover, 24/7? That’s a whopping 20 feet of precision tooling available in sharp nose, or radii, with the option of two different heights for different returns, at your fingertips.It’s the Rotational Clamping Beam, just another in a long line of LATITUDE’s secret weapons, that becomes your secret to incredible productivity gains, enormous expansion in your part geometry capabilities, and a value add that actually takes profit dollars to the finish line.This world-class advantage in machine flexibility and virtual elimination of set up time, would position your forming department as one of the most productive in the world!
The SCHRÖDER-LATITUDE is the “dream machine times fourteen.” You can look, but you won’t find another folding system lineup like the LATITUDE.
Gauging is one of the key elements contributing to quality output, especially in heavy plate applications. Weak, flimsy gauging brings a machine to its knees. Schröder-Fasti has designed the finest, most rugged gauging in the industry, with twin ball-screw drives, steel or nylon ball transfers, solid gauging rails, pop-up stops, and many other options that guarantee consistent, accurate parts.Four standard shapes are available, with depths starting at 1000 mm (39”) and options up to 6 m (19’). We even provide feed systems, which automatically feed the material through the forming operation.
And if you want something you don’t see here, let us know. With our ability to custom-design machines for application specific jobs, we can provide almost any gauge, to fit almost any application.

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