Laser Cutting

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  • 2012 AMADA LC 2012 C1NT  Punch / Laser Combo
    2012 AMADA LC 2012 C1NT , 2.5KW, Fanuc AMNPC Control, New: 2012

    High production Amada LC 2012 C1NT combo punch laser cell. Features Amada efficient punch laser with AC servo punching Ram with Fanuc 2.5KW C02 Resonator, 45 station flexible turret with 4 head tapping station, 1 auto index, 3 forming stations to reduce marking the sheet, Sheet load unload system with PR-C1 part removal system to eliminate labor intensive tabbing of smaller nested parts.

    Better Value Than Buying New
    Turnkey Installation Available
    Being Sold Off The Floor (Under Power)

    Please contact us to set up a demo

  • 2004 Amada Apelio 367  2KW (Punch / Laser Combo)

    2004 Amada Apelio 357 (Punch / Laser Combo), 2 KW , 33 Tons, 58 Station / 2AI, Fanuc 05PL-A, New:2004

  • 2004 4kw LVD Axel 3015 CO2 Laser
    2004 LVD/Strippit Axel 3015 CO2 Laser, 4KW, 5’ X 10’ Flying Optic laser with automatic Shuttle Table. Dependable Fanuc 4000E resonator.
  • 1995 AMADA Pulsar 1212 CO2 Laser

    1995 AMADA Pulsar 1212 CO2 Laser, 1.5KW, Fanuc 160iL Control, Fanuc C1500 Resonator, New: 1995

    Includes an upgraded 24k Turbo!
  • 2011 TRUMPF Trulaser 1030 CO2 Laser

    TRUMPF TRULASER 1030 CO2 Laser, 2.5KW 4’ X 8’ laser with optional automatic shuttle table, New: 1999

  • 2015 Pulsar 2415NT
    Amada Pulsar 2415NT, 2.5Kw, Fanuc AMNPC, Fanuc AE2000 ELU 2.5, New: 2015

    Amada Pulsar 2415NT 2.5KW. Efficient, fast piercing, CO2 resonator for high cutting speeds and low power consumption. Less than 2000 power on hours. This machine is as good as new, and a much better value than buying a new machine!

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