1. 2014 LVD Electra 3015 (Laser)
    2014 LVD Electra 3015 (Laser)

    2014 LVD Electra 3015, 4KW, 120” X 60” Max Sheet Size, LVD PC Control

  2. 2020 Ensis 3015NT
    2020 Ensis 3015NT

    2020 Ensis 3015NT, 4.0 KW, 120" x 60" Max Sheet Size, Fanuc NT-PC Control

  3. 2016 Amada Ensis 3015NT
    2016 Amada Ensis 3015NT

    AMADA Ensis 3015NT, 2,000 watts, Flying Optic Laser, AMADA 3rd gen Fiber 2KW Fiber Engine, Fanuc NT-PC Control, Year New: 2016

  4. 2014 LVD Electra 3015
    2014 LVD Electra 3015

    2014 LVD Electra 3015, Max Sheet Size 120” X 60”, LVD PC Control, Year New: 2014

  5. 2012 AMADA F13015NT
    2012 AMADA F13015NT

    4 KW Laser , Table: 120" (x) x 60"(y) x 3.94" (z), Fanuc NT-PC Control, Year New: 2012

  6. 2011 AMADA Pulsar 2415NT
    2011 AMADA Pulsar 2415NT

    2011 AMADA Pulsar 2415NT, 4.0 KW, Max sheet size: 16’ X 5, Fanuc NT-PC Control, Year New: 2011

  7. 2010 Prima Platino
    2010 Prima Platino

    Prima Plantino, 4.0 kw, Max Sheet Size: 120" x 60", Primach 20l PC, Year New: 2010

  8. 2008 Amada Quattro laser
    2008 Amada Quattro laser

    Amada Quattro, 2700 watt Laser, Flying Optic, Fanuc 16i-L, New: 2008

  9. 2007 Cincinnati CL-850
    2007 Cincinnati CL-850

    Cincinnati CL-850, Fanuc C5000i Resonator, Cincinnati PC Control, Year New: 2007

  10. 2008 Amada FO3015NT
    2008 Amada FO3015NT

     FO3015NT, 4Kw, Fanuc NT-PC, New: 2008
    Amada FO3015NT flying optic laser with dual automatic shuttle tables for fast, continuous operation. Has the ball transfer option for easy loading and positioning of the sheet. 

  11. 2001 Amada FO3015
    2001 Amada FO3015

    2001 Amada FO3015, 120" X 60" Max sheet Size, Fanuc 160iL Control, Year New: 2001

  12. 1997 AMADA Pulsar 1212XL
    1997 AMADA Pulsar 1212XL

    1997 AMADA Pulsar 1212XL, 2.0KW, Fanuc 160iL, Year new: 1997

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Sheet Metal Nesting Software - Ss Nest - The core of the Systems sheet metal nesting software solutions, SS-Nest includes both rectangular and true shape nesting capability.

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We offer low cost financing and leasing options on all new and used machinery. We finance start up companies as well as large corporations with competitive rates.

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AMS provides machinery installation by our factory trained service technicians. Annual service contracts are available.

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About Us

Alternative Parts Inc

About Us

Alternative Machinery Sales (AMS) Inc. has been in the business of machine sales for more than 20 years.

During that time, we have dedicated ourselves to putting customer satisfaction first. Whether you are purchasing a used machine, or selling your machine through us, we have the expertise and the machinery network needed to provide you with any machinery solutions you may need. AMS specializes in the resale of high quality, previously owned, metal fabrication equipment. We have an inventory consisting of lasers, turrets, press brakes, and shears from companies such as AMADA, TRUMPF, and Cincinnati.

Alternative Machinery Sales is an Affiliate of Alternative Parts Inc. provider of replacement parts for fabricating equipment.