Sheet Metal Nesting Software

Ss Nest - The core of the Systems sheet metal nesting software solutions, SS-Nest includes both rectangular and true shape nesting capability. It supports a wide array of CNC machines including turret punch press, laser, plasma, waterjet, router, and combination cutting operations, when intergrated with Ss Profile and/or SS punch software. SS-Nest nesting software is easily adapted to the most demanding production or job shop environments. Manufacturing Software Extension - Extends the functionality of SS-Nest software to interface with MRP / ERP systems or other internally developed order systems.

Shear Extension - Extends the functionality of SS-Nest software for guillotine shearing operations. Shear cuts are highlighted and ordered to minimize scrap and reduce process time.

Multiple Torch Extension- Extends the functionality of SS-Nest software to optimize the use of multiple torches for CNC machines with multiple torch configuration.

Sheet Metal CAD/CAM Software

SS Punch - The most comprehensive CNC turret punch press programming software available. From completely interactive to fully automated, SS-Punch software adapts to (and grows with) your business requirements.

SS Profile - Automated CNC cutting software for CNC laser, plasma, waterjet, router, and other two-axis cutting machines.

Part Share for Solid Works and Part share for Autodesk inventor - Interface module for seamless sharing of data between the Striker Systems CAD/CAM and nesting software solutions and Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks.

SS Unfold- Offering both 3-D and 2-D unfolding capability, SS-Unfold software provides a broad array of utilities to assist in the development of flat blanks.

SS Design - Included with all other Striker Systems modules, SS-Design software provides an advanced sheet metal design interface with a variety of tools including an automatic dimensioning system.